Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Basics of a Facial Treatment in the Philippines

I am not new in the field of facial treatments here in the Phiilippines. I've got two subscriptions from two different beauty clinics (which I have not finished until now) and have tried countless of facial treatments once or twice from several beauty clinics as well.

So what does a facial treatment in the Philippines usually include?

A basic facial treatment has most of the following steps:
1. Cleansing the face - I will definitely expect this to be the most essential first step in any facial treatment. If your facial treatment did not start with cleaning the face, I will definitely have serious doubts about that facial treatment.

Ms. Glad Lim, a friend of mine while getting a facial treatment here in the Philippines
2. Steaming to open the pores - The logic behind this facial treatment step is to open the skin's pores which is essential for step 3.

3. Pricking to remove embedded dirt - This can be painful especially if you have lots of pimples, whiteheads and blockheads. I remember I even cried at one time while my face was being pricked. It was not a sobbing cry but there were tears streaming on the side of my eyes. After that experience, I never went back to that beauty clinic again for a facial treatment. I mean I've had facials before but it didnt have to be that painful. I felt my pores being abused unnecessarily. Do you want to know where it was? Well... Let's just say it's in one of the biggest Malls in Ortigas.

Enjoying a facial in one of the beauty clinics in the Philippines
4. Applying a Facial Mask - The most commonly used facial mask after a facial treatment is a cucumber mask. The cool mask is used to soothe the freshly pricked face. In addition, because the facial mask is cold, it can help close your skin's pores.

5. Putting Cream/Serum or Sun-block - When I say cream, that would most probably be a moisturizer. Some beauty clinics offer vitamin ampules depending on the skin's need. Personally, I prefer sunblock because my face is already oily. I also opt for this especially if I have some where to go after the facial treatment because I can't put any face powder on my face lest I want to clog my freshly opened pores.

I don't have photos of myself yet while getting a facial since it will be a feat to take a photo of myself while getting a facial treatment. I hope you get what I mean. So I have my dear friend, Glad Lim, mother of a vibrant two-year old girl pose for me while she gets a day of facial pampering for her birthday.

Gladz and I both love getting facial treatments here in the Philippines. We are both work-at-home moms, dedicated homemakers and wife to our very busy husbands, mother of uber-energetic kids and entrepreneurs. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together right.

When we choose our facial treatment, we of course want to know several things:
a. what kind of treatment are we getting
b. how much will it cost us
c. what kind of discount and promotions will we get if we buy it as a package

We also don't mind paying a little extra if the facial treatment is worth it for special procedures. Better to spend a few extra bucks to get the results that you want right? Especially, we are talking about our faces here.

How's your facial treatment experience here in the Philippines? We hope to hear more about it by posting a comment or suggestion below.

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